Abma’s Farm Offers A Farm Experience Complete With Fresh Local Produce and Events

Abma’s Farm Offers A Farm Experience Complete With Fresh Local Produce and Events

Have you ever wondered what farm life is actually like? One visit to Abma’s Farm in Wyckoff and you’ll experience a generational farm – 5 generations to be exact – that specializes in growing and selling poultry and vegetables. This 32-acre farm was purchased by Barney Abma of Holland in 1929 and now, nine decades later, his relatives are still running the farm and inviting other families to join in!

“We cater to our community,” said Valerie Abma, who just last year married Josh Abma, whose great grandfather founded the farm. “There’s a lot of tradition here and we want to share it with others in the community.”

Fresh Vegetables and Farm Fun At Abma’s Farm

abma's farmAbma’s Farm gives new meaning to the word locavore. Home to an expansive market that’s located in the 1700s Dutch style barn, shoppers can find anything and everything from vegetables that are grown right on the farm, eggs and poultry from their very own cage-range chickens, and even specialty goods sourced from local purveyors. There’s absolutely no need to visit any of those big chain superstores.

“Local is huge for us. If we can’t make it ourselves, we find someone local who can,” said Abma who also shares that the market is a chance for the community to enjoy food shopping again. Knowing where your food came from, while having some fun in the process (what kid or parent doesn’t want to grab some groceries while stopping into the petting zoo to say hi to the goats) turns a chore into a fun experience.

abma's farmInside the market, shoppers will be tempted with the aromas of freshly baked pies, muffins, breads, and treats. The from-scratch kitchen is headed up by kitchen manager, “Tee” (short for Tiziana), who overseas the making of on-the-go meal options. From their “famous chicken salad” to any of their other homemade cold salads like macaroni, coleslaw, and chickpea, sandwiches, hot soups, quiches, and of course countless turkey and chicken meals, it’s an easy, delicious, and healthy way to feed your family a home cooked meal (even if the meal wasn’t actually cooked in your home!) They even have a special “Barn Meal” for children that any kid will delight in (and the Tomasello Winery Tasting Bar that adults will delight in!)

abma's farmFans of the farm enjoy their annual CSA, which runs for 20-weeks beginning in the spring and includes a heaping basket of produce; ordering the traditional turkey and all the fixings for Thanksgiving; and spending time just living the farm life, whether it’s at one of Abma’s Farm’s countless events or saying hi to the chickens after picking up dinner.

Whether you’re celebrating Easter with their annual Chicks & Bunnies event, Corn & Tomato Fest in the summer, or Santa in the greenhouse in December, the Abma family is dedicated to keeping tradition alive at the farm.

abma's farmAs for the younger generation who want to learn a bit more about life on the farm, Abma’s Farm even offers a number of education programs featuring seasonal camps throughout the year that cover farming, gardening, harvesting, and cooking as well as Book Clubs for 2-4 year olds.

“We want everyone, no matter what their age, to experience farm life at its best!,” said Abma.

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