11 BYOB Restaurants in Montclair | Complete With Wine Pairings

11 BYOB Restaurants in Montclair | Complete With Wine Pairings

When choosing which restaurants in Montclair to dine at for a night on the town, sometimes BYOB is the way to go. You get to choose which delicious menu item you wish to pair with your personal drink of choice. What’s better than that?

To help you decide which Montclair BYOB restaurant to try for dinner, we at North Jersey inMotion have curated a list of 11 BYOB restaurants complete with the perfect wine pairings. Keep this list handy as your “cheat sheet” for date night, a fun family night out, or an impromptu night out with friends.

On top of that, Amanti Vino, located at 30 Church Street in the heart of Montclair  – (973)-509-WINE, is not only near all of these great restaurants, but they also offer a wine (beer and spirit) collection that is sure to have what you’re looking for (and maybe even a bit more). Their expertise along with their extensive selection will give you the knowledge you need to find that exact bottle of vino or possibly, something that may even become your new go-to.

So choose your restaurant, decide on which decadent dish to have for dinner, check out Amanti Vino‘s expert wine picks, and give our Montclair BYOB Restaurants Guide   below a read for EVERYTHING you need to know for your next night out! You’ll be set and ready to go, and your table will be impressed by your choice.

The hardest part? Choosing where to go tonight!

Local Guide to Restaurants in Montclair |  A BYOB Restaurant Guide | Complete With Wine Pairings

Le French Dad Boulangerie

French cuisine is a great way to go if you’re looking to indulge in some sweets after your meal and wine combo! Le French Dad Boulangerie is also a bakery and cafe with French classics such as Éclairs, Crème brûlée, and Macarons. But before you indulge in dessert, be sure to bring along a bottle of Chidane Touraine Rouge or Domaine Chene Macon La Roche Vineuse to enjoy with a fresh Niçoise salad and Breton sandwich for dinner to delight your taste buds.

Le French Dad Boulangerie | 10 Church Street | (973)-746-0288 | lefrenchdad.com

Mish Mish 

Mish Mish is a Mediterranean restaurant, cafe, and artisanal foods shop that believes food is the universal language, ideally suited to convey love and understanding. It is no secret that with menu items such as the ‘Jerusalem’ featuring marinated steak over hummus, chickpeas, tahini, cabbage, and warm pita, you will be feeling the love. Pair it with a delicious red Maestracci ‘E Prove’ or white Skouras Salto for the perfect touch to your dinner. 

Mish Mish | 215 Glenridge Avenue| (973)-337-5648 | mishmishcafe.com


Business partners, Adam Rose and VJ Moscaritola, have been friends since way back in the day. With a mutual respect and love for classic Mexican food, they joined to make Villalobos a reality.  Their menu draws on influences of traditional recipes and indigenous ingredients, in their own, unique interpretation. Menu items include tapas, poultry, seafood, and tacos. All of which that would coordinate perfectly with a red Cubillo, or 2013 Pecina Crianza. Both display a vibrant cherry fruit flavor alongside plenty of earthy, mushroomy complexity. If you enjoy white wine, try A.J. Adam – Im Pfarrgarten to complement your meal.

Villalobos6 South Fullerton Avenue | (973)-337-6667 | villalobosnj.com

Turtle + the Wolf

One of the many great qualities of Turtle + the Wolf is that they use fresh ingredients sourced from local producers. With such rich ingredients, they cook up juicy duck, chicken, steak, ribs, and fresh oyster dishes as well as many small plates to please any palate.  Match that with a 2014 Prudhon St Aubin if you like a considerable amount of spice and fresh fruit or Gobelsburg Gruner Veltliner with notes of pear, tart green apple, white pepper, tobacco leaves, and a floral undertone.  Is sparkling wine your drink of choice? Then try a refreshing Bereche to pair perfectly with Turtle + the Wolf’s Duck Confit Pot Pie

Turtle + Wolf | 622 Valley Road | (973)-783-9800 | turtleandthewolf.com

Montclair House Grill

Next stop is the Montclair House Grill, a local’s favorite to get almost anything and everything! Their extensive menu has American favorites for all to enjoy from breakfast, all the way down to dessert. Order a classic dinner dish such as roasted chicken with sweet potatoes to accommodate a tropical fruit flavored glass of l’oliveto Chardonnay with just the right amount of oak finishing with bright citrus, vanilla cream, and a hint of butterscotch. Iconic Sidekick Cabernet Sauvignon also makes the best “sidekick” for a refreshing white wine with dinner at the Montclair House Grill

Montclair House Grill | 12 Church Street | (973)-509-9600 | montclair-house-grill.com

Laurel + Sage

Laurel + Sage features a seasonal menu with signature dishes like Pomegranate Molasses Braised Short Rib, Black Kale & Sprouts Salad and Ginger-Soy Lacquered Chilean Sea Bass  The perfect red wine to complement their unique dishes would be the Marsanne Saint Joseph which pairs well with roasted poultry and rich cream sauces. Amanti Vino recommends Latour Bourgone Blanc for the perfect white wine to accommodate such dishes as well.

Laurel + Sage | 33 Walnut Street | (973)-783-1133 | laurelandsage.com


Raymond’s is a fun and classic staple to the town of Montclair, NJ. They are especially known for their Buttermilk Fried Chicken served with honey biscuits and coleslaw. A hearty, home-cooked Southern-style meal like that deserves Foxglove Zin, known to be the perfect red for a BBQ party! Also, consider picking up a bottle of Clendenen ‘Pip’ to pair with fresh Pan Roasted Organic Salmon, if seafood is what you’re craving. 

Raymond’s | 28 Church Street | (973)-744-9263 | raymondsnj.com


The name alone, “Vanillamore”, was inspired by Chef Risa Magid Boyer’s fascination with vanilla and how it is used as a flavor enhancement in desserts, the same way salt is used to enhance savory foods. When you stop by, be sure to bring along a bottle of Ritme Priorat or Pelle Menetou-Salon to enjoy with the Artisanal Cheese, Arugula Salad, and Skirt Steak. Afterwards, have your Royal Tokaji ‘Late Harvest‘ handy as the perfect dessert wine to enjoy with your Chocolate or Vanilla ‘Charcuterie’ – an exclusive Vanillamore creation meant for sharing!

Vanillamore | 349 Bloomfield Avenue | (973)-707-5373 | vanillamore.com

Ani Ramen House

Ramen noodles were once a simple and inexpensive way to eat dinner. Now, it’s transformed into a hot and trending choice for dinner. Ani Ramen House uses ramen noodles in most of their dishes while combining other Asian staple ingredients and methods of cooking. Ani translates to English as ‘big brother’. The idea of nurturing and growth in the way that sibling relationships are is the same way they want their ramen to be enjoyed in their cozy establishment. Sip on a glass of Rolet Poulsard or Vin de Days Blanc while you slurp a classic Ani Ramen bowl filled with berkshir pork bone broth, soy tare with chashu pork, kakuni, spinach, kikurage, and scallions.

Ani Ramen House | 401 Bloomfield Avenue | (973)-744-3960 | aniramen.com

Kai Yang

Sheree Sarabhaya, chef/owner of Kai Yang, grew up in Bangkok and enjoyed freshly prepared Thai market street foods such as kai yang itself, which translates to grilled chicken. The organic chickens served at Kai Yang are rotisserie grilled and accompanied by traditional papaya salad, sticky rice side and dipping sauces with variations that include pork or beef. Such hearty meals call for Sunier Wild Soul or Donnhoff Estate Riesling to bring out the true flavors harvested into the meat. Also a great pair to these juicy wines is their Duck Tamarind.

Kai Yang | 345 Bloomfield Avenue | (973)-509-2110 | kaiyangnj.com

Cafe Giotto

Cafe Giotto serves customers a mix of old favorites such as homemade pasta, lasagna, and gelato, as well as new creations anywhere from pizza, to paninis, to pastries. Caprili Rosso is the perfect red wine to accompany these Italian classics, specifically Cafe Giotto‘s famous lasagna. Rinaldi Gavi is a white wine lover’s dream to go with noodles of your choice and their rich bolognese sauce.

Cafe Giotto | 42 Church Street | (973)-746-0111 | cafegiotto.com

And there you have it! Keep this list handy for your next night out in search of the perfect Montclair BYOB restaurant.

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