Nutley, New Jersey: Local Restaurant Guide

Nutley, New Jersey: Local Restaurant Guide

When someone mentions Nutley, New Jersey – the first thing that often comes to mind is the city’s amazing restaurant scene. For many years, Nutley, New Jersey has been known for offering some of the most diverse restaurants in the area, and this year isn’t any different. From American and Italian to Japanese, the city knows how to do food right. Nutley residents enjoy the new eateries and city favorites, and, fortunately, those in surrounding areas like Rutherford, Montclair, and Clifton also get to experience the diverse and delicious food options.

Ready to experience Nutley’s exploding food scene?

Here’s the North Jersey InMotion restaurant guide (in no particular order) of our favorite Nutley restaurants that embody the city’s diversity and charm.

Nutley, New Jersey: Local Restaurant Guide

Luna Wood Fire Tavern, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

Luna Wood Fired Tavern

Simply superb in every way, visitors can get ready to enjoy a true homestyle Italian cuisine at this family-owned restaurant in Northern New Jersey featuring well-done pizzas, tasty paninis, and must-have pastas that start off at $11. The restaurant offers the option to enjoy these fine meals in its rustic dining room, outdoor dining, fully stocked bar, and even at home via the takeout and delivery services.

Luna Wood Fire Tavern | (973) 320-5925 | 223 Franklin Ave,

Old Canal Inn, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

Old Canal Inn

Old Canal Inn is the place to be if you want to get away from everything and enjoy a good meal for less than $20. Several years after its establishment, this spot continues to turn out timeless dishes like the Applewood Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Burger, Buffalo Chicken Wraps and the very popular Blackened Steak Bites (my personal favorite). In addition to the classic stuff, the Craft Beer Social Club has both thirsty and hungry customers coming back for more.

Old Canal Inn | (973) 284-1272 | 2 E. Passaic Avenue

Cucina 355, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

Cucina 355

With comfortable dining that boasts plenty of seating, this restaurant offers one of the most satisfying Italian experiences in the city, always fresh and never disappointing. While offering entrees in the $12 – $20 range, like – Chicken Principessa, Shrimp and Scallops Mare Monte and even a Gluten Free Penne as an option, Cucina 355 is worth a visit when you just want to eat local.

Cucina 355 | (973) 798-4500 | 355 Franklin Avenue,

The Bosphorus, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

The Bosphorus

Featuring Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine, The Bosphorus showcases exquisite food between $16 and $30 including Lamb Chops, Chicken and Lamb as either a “shish” or a gyro. These entrée choices are offered in a family-friendly and comfortable environment. This BYOB restaurant is also available to host a variety of special occasions like dinner parties, anniversaries, wedding celebrations, birthday parties, or just simply a big dinner.

The Bosphorus | (973) 542-8440 | 226 Franklin Ave

Cubanelle, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion


Arguably one of the best Nutley restaurants for lively music, Cubanelle also serves food that can transport visitors to a relaxing tropical destination. The restaurant features a diverse menu by Chef Alex Garcia filled with exotic dishes inspired from Cuban culture. Just think choices like Pernil, Paella and Skirt Steaks. For dinner, customers can expect to pay about $20 for an entrée.

Cubanelle | (973) 284-1300 | 522 N. Franklin Avenue

Trattoria Via Veneto, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

Trattoria Via Veneto

Inspired by Via Veneto, one of Rome’s famous and elegant streets, Trattoria Via Veneto was created to provide customers with an authentic and full Italian experience in Northern New Jersey. The menu showcases delectable entrees including Spaghetti Carbonara and Pollo Saltimbocca, and the cost is less than $25 for each dish. Customers will definitely feel at home here.

Trattoria Via Veneto | 973-662-1340 | 144 Chestnut Street, Nutley |

MEAL, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion


The best combination of gourmet and comfort food can be found at MEAL, an upscale yet down-to-earth restaurant led by head Chef Mark G. Burachinsky. Serving cuisine similar to mama’s cookin’ but with a gourmet twist, the restaurant is proud to offer delicious, $20 plus entrée including the Steakhouse Burger and Scottish Salmon. Don’t leave without experiencing the Apple Cranberry Crisp for dessert.

MEAL | (973) 542-8522 | 433 Kingsland Street

Bella Luce, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

Bella Luce

Restaurateurs Joe Capasso and Dino Vitaglino rarely disappoints and such is the case with their restaurant Bella Luce. As a trendy and modern eatery, the restaurant is proud to feature delicious dishes like Linguine Pesto and Shrimp Risotto, which each come out to under $30. After enjoying their entree, customers shouldn’t leave without trying dessert. Hint: Try the Tiramisu.

Bella Luce | (973) 661-4300 | 507 Franklin Avenue

Sake Sushi, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

Sake Sushi

Not many restaurants in the area encourage customers to bring their favorite drink to pair with sushi, but Sake Sushi does this with class. Along with a unique BYOB and drink local policy, the spot is known for its affordable $16 and under rolls like the Rainbow Roll (my personal favorite), Dynamite Roll, and Spicy Shrimp Roll. When customers chose this Nutley sushi restaurant, they will always enjoy fresh, healthy, and delicious sushi.

Sake Sushi | (973) 235-1881 | 375 Centre Street

American Bistro, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

American Bistro

A cozy restaurant that has become a force in the heart of the city, American Bistro serves up a unique take for modern American cuisine with a dash of Italian mainstays. From the minute customers arrive, they will be greeted with popular choices such as Cheese Tortellini, Fried Calamari, Milk Fed Veal, many of which they can expect to pay between $35 and $44.

American Bistro | (973) 235-0505 | 24 Washington Avenue

Franklin Steak House, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

Franklin Steak House

Good American food with a hint of international flair can be found in Nutley, and Franklin Steak House is proof. The restaurant has been packed since its debut, especially on Sunday Brunch, and Martini Thursdays where popular choices like Chicken Fajitas, French Toast, and a variety of tasty drinks are served. Prices here are affordable with an entrée starting off at $16.

Franklin Steak House | (973) 667-1755 | 238 N. Franklin Avenue

restaurant guide nutley, Michael's Pastaria, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

Michael’s Pastaria

Family owned and operated, Michael’s Pastaria gained a spot in our insider guide due to its exceptional track record of providing homemade Italian food that most people can’t resist. Our restaurant guide chose to showcase this restaurant because of its tasty entrees like Pork Chop Murphy, Chicken Marsala, and Veal Picatta for an affordable price of $20 or less. Whether customers would like to dine in or take out, they can expect irresistible, gourmet food.

Michael’s Pastaria | 973-661-5252 | 143 Franklin Avenue Nutley

Gabriella's Place, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

Gabriella’s Place

The best Lebanese food in the city is tucked away at a local, homey restaurant known as Gabriella’s Place. At this eatery, customers can look forward to eat local with Lebanese favorites such as Hummus, Chicken Kebab, Vegetarian Falafel, and the Chicken Shawarma Platter. With prices ranging from $5 to $25, there is no reason not to eat local at this amazing restaurant.

Gabriella’s Place | (973) 667-7676 | 177 Franklin Avenue

Thai Essence, Nutley NJ, North Jersey In Motion

Thai Essence

Established in 2015, our Nutley Restaurant Insider Guide is featuring Thai Essence, a restaurant that prides itself on creating delicious Thai cuisine. With the motto “great food does not need to cost a fortune,” customers can enjoy delicious $12 to $28 entrees including Red Curry, Grilled Beef, and Pad Thai. The restaurant offers relaxing dining options as well as take out.

Thai Essence | (973) 542-0128 | 231 Franklin Avenue

Nutley, New Jersey

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