Simply Juiced in Fort Lee: A One-Stop Shop for Healthy and Delicious Food On-the-Go

Simply Juiced in Fort Lee: A One-Stop Shop for Healthy and Delicious Food On-the-Go

100% Organic, 100% of the time. That’s the motto that Simply Juiced lives by. Now, after two years of success in their Hoboken location, husband and wife team, Jenny and Sung, decided to bring the juice (bowls, sandwiches, puddings, and salads) to their hometown of Fort Lee.

“There weren’t any healthy options in our hometown,” said Sung. “I had to drive to Hoboken to get the dishes I was craving. (And with two children under 3 years of age, that wasn’t working!)”

simply juicedSo, Sung and Jenny did what any entrepreneurs would do, open up another location just minutes from their home, bringing in a nutritional powerhouse to downtown. Their goal, just like at their original location, was to bring on-the-go vegan and plant-based dishes that are also healthy, flavorful, and absolutely delicious to those in and around town.

Simply Juiced Makes Living Healthy Easy

simply juicedSince opening in August, Simply Juiced has quickly become the place to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. (Sung even confesses that there are days when he does just that!) Their goal is for everyone to experience what living a healthy life is like – whether it’s tasting the only vegan organic soup in town (which is said to rival all other soups including those packed with meat and dairy) or trying out their levels of green juices which go from sweet for beginners to intermediate to hardcore juicers.

“Our menu is not just for those who are hardcore,” said Jenny who majored in Public Health at Rutgers University (she’s adamant about cleanliness – noting that all staff are fully trained on how to prepare, serve, and represent products in a clean facility). “It’s for anyone looking to eat something a bit healthier, even if it’s just for one meal! We want to make it as easy as possible since eating healthy at home can be both time consuming and expensive.”

simply juicedWith produce being delivered six days a week, gluten-free bread delivered from Cliffside Park, and everything else being made in-house, Simply Juiced is a chance to check out why eating healthy is not just good for you, but also addicting. Their from scratch kitchen cracks their own coconut, makes their own almond milk, and hemp milk, all to make sure that there are absolutely no additives – what you see is what you get.

“We brought in chefs that focus on the quality of ingredients in well thought out recipes,” said Jacob Vainer, partner of Simply Juiced in Hoboken. “Yes, there are calories, carbohydrates, and fats, but they’re good for your body. Our juices are readily available, helping you to alkalize your body and flush out stressors commonly found when living in a stressful environment.”

simply juicedNot only is Simply Juiced a place for health fanatics to get their post workout fix of a nutrient dense smoothie, but it’s also become a place for moms and kids to find healthy dishes that they can both enjoy. Jenny and Sung have noticed that, just like their Hoboken location, their Fort Lee store is drawing in those in the single digits thanks to dishes like homemade chia pudding and sweet smoothies bowls that are loved by kids thanks to naturally sweet fruit and by moms who appreciate the “hidden” vegetable serving.

simply juicedAs parents of young children themselves, Jenny and Sung are not only dedicated to introducing a healthier lifestyle to anyone and everyone, but they’re also focused on making the world a healthier place too. Following in the steps of their Hoboken location, where they compost all of their produce, they’re currently in talks with Fort Lee officials to begin a composting location in town. At Simply Juiced it’s not just about eating healthy, it’s about living that healthy lifestyle 100% of the time – even if you only live it 50% of the time!

“We’re on a mission to promote health,” said Jenny. “We want people to know that you don’t’ have to change your entire life. It’s one juice or one smoothie at a time.”

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