Stuffed Grass-Fed Burger: Indulge or Recharge With 100% Grass Fed Burgers

Stuffed Grass-Fed Burger: Indulge or Recharge With 100% Grass Fed Burgers

When you hear the name Stuffed Grass-Fed Burger, it’s almost impossible not to think of satisfying all of your meat cravings in one sitting. With a menu that’s stuffed (pun intended) to the brim with burgers that also happen to be stuffed with cheese, it’s hard to imagine that you’d even think about going here when you’re watching your waistline. But with healthier menu options, that’s exactly what you can do.

“Whether you’re eating healthy or not so healthy, Stuffed has a dish for you,” said Dan Campeas, Owner and Chef of Stuffed Grass-Fed Burgers. “We’re bringing in all sides, from the gym goers who come in for a protein packed dinner after a workout to the guy who wants everything in and on his burger, we’ve got something for everyone.”

stuffed burgerCampeas, who grew up in Montclair and began working in the restaurant industry early on, always felt the entrepreneurial pull. After binging on Food Network and hearing about burgers stuffed with cheese, he knew it would be a home-run concept. A few months later, he opened up a food truck in Austin, Texas with a friend, sourcing all the beef from a local ranch. Less than two years later, he headed home with a passion to open a restaurant that was fully his own.

Now three years later, Stuffed Burgers has gained a reputation (a very delicious one) for burgers that are stuffed with six different types of cheese. (Just think about how a burger tastes when the cheese is melted all over – now think about how much better it would be if that cheese just oozed out from the inside.) Campeas also stands out from the crowd for using only 100% grass-fed and finished meat – better quality means a better burger.

stuffed burgerWith combinations like the Mac & Cheese Stuffed Burger (yes, there’s a five-cheese mac & cheese inside and on top) to Campeas’ favorite, the Reuben Burger, that’s stuffed with Swiss cheese, then topped with grass-fed pastrami (made in-house), homemade coleslaw, and Russian dressing, and the Doughnut Burger that’s served on a glazed doughnut from Montclair Bread Co. – it’s hard to imagine what he’ll come up with next! Turns out, he was thinking something a little lighter.

Lightening Up the Menu at Stuffed Grass-Fed Burger

stuffed burger“I try to be as creative as possible,” said Campeas. “Whether I’m watching Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives to figure out a recipe or just using it as a source of inspiration, it’s fun coming up with these dishes. At the same time, we make great burgers, but when you’re putting Mac & Cheese in a burger, you need some healthier options too. I want to bring in both sides of the coin so that everyone can enjoy what’s on the menu.”

So that’s what he did. New items include Green Wraps where you can get your grass-fed burger fix on a collard green wrap; avocado toasts with a burger on top; veggie burgers made in house; and salads that include the “justBOBBI” Kale Salad that was crafted by Montclair resident, Bobbi Brown (yes, the Bobbi Brown makeup guru).

stuffed burgerNot that Bobbi Brown didn’t bring enough star power to the menu, but with the addition of All Star 2nd Basemen for the Mariners and now anchor on MLB Network, Harold Reynolds’s favorite hot dog featuring melted American cheese, Campeas has hit a home run.

To round out the menu, there’s creamy milk shakes featuring ice cream from Montclair’s Gelati, freshly squeezed lemonade, and Bacon Jam Fries (because it’s a great accessory to that Kale Salad!) As for what’s next (besides celebrity stalking and recipe testing), Campeas and his team just started off-premise catering where they bring the grill to you. Talk about the ultimate BBQ!

Stuffed Grass-Fed Burgers
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