Seafood Village: A BYOB Restaurant Taking On Louisiana Style Cajun Seafood

Seafood Village: A BYOB Restaurant Taking On Louisiana Style Cajun Seafood

There’s something going on in Wayne and it turns out, it’s tasty. We’re talking about Seafood Village, a BYOB restaurant that opened its doors in December 2016 and has been serving up fresh seafood with a Cajun inspired flair since. Attracting both traditional diners who love their broiled lemon as well as those looking for something a bit spicier, Seafood Village is turning out to be a local institution.

“A family friend who lived in Louisiana brought up the idea to my mom, Jenny, who decided to incorporate it into a new restaurant,” said George, manager of Seafood Village. “My family has been in the restaurant business for 22 years, serving Chinese dishes in another town, and we wanted to bring something new to the area.”

After testing in the kitchen, they came up with the perfect menu that would bring some New Orleans style cooking straight to New Jersey. At Seafood Village, diners can choose what fish they want (everything from crawfish to clams and cod), how they want it cooked (steamed, broiled, or boiled), what spices they’re in the mood for (Cajun, garlic butter, or lemon butter), and then how spicy they want it (choose from three levels of hotness).

Cajun Seafood and More at Seafood Village

If you’re unsure of what to order, you really can’t go wrong with the Cajun spice, which George said his mom perfected herself, imparting a bit of her own style into the mix. It has its roots in the deep south, but it was created in the north – yea, we can go spicy up here too!

The best part about their menu? It’s not a one-size-fits all order. Are you looking to go crazy and choose all three spices? Go for it! Interested in chowing down on a full pound of crawfish? That’s absolutely allowed. At Seafood Village, there’s really no order that they can’t create for your crew (or just for you!)

“We have a lot of people who come and sit down for dinner, ordering seafood by the pound or small and large platters that we pack full of really anything and everything,” said George who notes that there are some lunch items like seafood baskets on the menu as well for those looking to get their fill in the middle of the day. “Depending on how much you can eat, it’s up to you for how much to order. I’ve seen a 5’1’’ girl eat an entire large platter by herself!”

Not only can you give yourself a little foodie challenge with how much you can eat, but also how hot you can go. George, who has a love for all things spicy as well as those can’t miss reality food shows, felt the need to impart his own style on the menu too. But, for Seafood Village the hotness scale isn’t just about being breaking the Scoville scale – it’s about being flavorful too. So even though your mouth may be burning, it will be tasty too!

These can’t miss mix of flavors are one of the reasons the walls are covered with writing. Wood panels have been filling up since the day they opened, with diners professing their love for those seafood dinners that hit every flavor note. From kids drawing what their parents ate to a suggestion for what to try next time, the writing is quite literally on the wall – this place is delicious.

Seafood Village is also home to two small party rooms, ranging from 20 to 40 people (George even confesses that they let couples dine in the rooms alone for an extra romantic evening) as well as a very high-profile future partnership with a mystery professional athlete. Turns out this restaurant is scoring in all the right places!

Seafood Village
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